Golfstrom: Ensuring no
solar system fails
due to financing

Still over 90% of suitable roof space is not used for solar in Germany – a huge waste! Golfstrom helps regional solar installers to tap this potential. We provide your customers with easy financing – the Golfstrom solar leasing. Learn how you too can offer solar systems for lease and expand your business.

About Golfstrom

Golfstrom sees solving the climate crisis as an opportunity for a sustainable future. Our vision is a world where every household generates and shares its own renewable energy and saves money. We provide an innovative platform that helps solar installers to optimize their business and realize more projects. Together, we are shaping the decentralized energy transition.

Our Solution

Watch our short explainer video to learn how Golfstrom works and how it helps solar installers and electricity customers take advantage of solar energy.

Advantages for solar installers

As a pioneer in solar energy, you can become part of a revolution. Take advantage of our enhanced services to strengthen your solar business and differentiate your offering. Our platform allows you to offer flexible financing options for any solar installation.

Build your solar system now!

With Golfstrom, you can lower your energy costs while contributing to the environment. Our flexible financing options make renewable energy accessible to everyone. Create your green future today and experience the benefits of clean energy.


Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about Golfstrom?

Contact us! We are available to help you with your individual energy transition.

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